FTEX IoT Controller Bundle


First-to-Market GaN Motor Controller



Optimized Hardware Powered by GaNFETs

Sealed Waterproof IP65 Prevention

Multilayer Fail Safe Protection

Increase Performance

Up to 15% Range Increase
Smoother EV Control
Up to 97% Efficient

Innovative Design

Noiseless Controller
Small & Compact Design
Built for ALL Hub Motors

IoT Controller Bundle

Connected. Efficient. Powerful.

Higher Efficiency


Higher Efficiency

Up to 15% Range Increase

Due to its extremely efficient power distribution powered by GaNFETs, the FTEX GaNRunner consumes and wastes less current than a traditional MOSFET controller.

Smoother Control

FTEX’s enhanced software enables cleaner F.O.C. waves, resulting in smoother acceleration/deceleration at higher and lower speeds.

Highly Reliable

FTEX GaNRunner’s Multilayer Fail Safes provide active thermal management, increasing the reliability and safety of your EV while reducing failures.



We highly value the accessibility and adoption of electric vehicles over all other modes!

As EV builders ourselves, we understand the frustrations of pushing the limits of expensive and cutting edge technology. This is why we will provide you with a replacement controller if a problem occurs, so you can complete your project on time!

*** Please refer to our policy page in order to fully understand our “No Thermal Shutdowns Policy.” If you aren’t sure of the copywritting please contact us!

Results from our Lab


For a wide range of light electric vehicles (LEVs) such as skates, bikes, scooters, mobility vehicles and mopeds.

Power: ±1500W

Voltage: 24V-96V

Programmable: Yes

Power: ±1500W

Voltage: 24V-96V

Programmable: Yes

Modern. Friendly. Connected.

FTEX Evionics

Designed to enhance your riding experience, the FTEX Evionics App will give you more control over your EV with an intuitive, modern, and user-friendly experience.

FTEX EVionics

OEMS for further information, please contact us.

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Single motor EVs have one motor to propel it forward. Whereas dual motor EVs have two motors to propel it forward. For a lightweight single motor option, we recommend our GaNRunner motor in the 750 and 1500 single motor controllers. For a more robust AWD option, we recommend out FTEX GaNRunner 750 and 1500 dual motor controllers.

Our motor controller fits every battery voltage from 24v to 96v. It is compatible with hub motors (rear, front, or dual) from a power range of up to 750 watts and up to 1500 with the GaNRunner 750 and GaNRunner 1500.

GaNFET technology significantly outperforms silicon-based MOSFETs. Having higher breakdown strength, faster-switching speed, higher thermal conductivity, higher level of power density, and offering higher reliability for enhanced performance outcome. Learn More.

With an IP65 the GaNRunner withstands dirt, sand, dust and could be submerged by water at a maximum depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes. IP testing is a universally accepted measurement establishing the level of protection of a product from solid particles (sand or dust) as well as water ingress.

The GaNRunner Wireless Bluetooth ANT + features allow riders to communicate with any gadget they want, including wearables, apps, bike computers, phones, and many more, thanks to our Smart Connectivity.

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