FTEX Evionics - First IoT Motor Controller for Electric Vehicle


The first Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Motor controller compatible with every BLDC motor. FTEX Evionics System is pushing the barriers of the electric vehicles industry. Combining the Dynamic Drive, with integrated IoT, you will now be able to interact, communicate and fully customize your riding experience.

Instant Diagnostics

Over the Air Updates

Remote Locking

Safety Collision Text

GPS Tracking

Smart Navigation


OEM Tuning

FTEX Dynamic Drive

Our unique Dynamic Drive design for 2023 utilizes cutting edge power electronics topologies never seen before in a commercial product, increasing range by up to 30% and comes bundled with our Evionics full system.

Offering users a level of connectivity, interoperability, and customizability never before seen on any electric vehicles.

Instant Diagnostics

Instantly diagnose your controller and EV before every ride.

Over the Air Updates

Keep your firmware up to date with the newest and greatest firmware upgrades available over the air.

Remote Locking

Allow users to lock and unlock their bikes automatically, remotely, and from anywhere in the world.

Safety Collision Text

We care about your safety! When a collision is detected, our Evionics System automatically alerts a friend, partner, or emergency services.

GPS Tracking

Never lose track of your EV with FTEX Evionics System!

Smart Routes Navigation

Choose between the safest, easiest, and fastest smart route navigation to reach your destination.

Tuning to Your Needs!

Adjust your EV to your ridding style, not the other way around.


• Pick the acceleration that’s right for you.

Set your own motor, battery and controller “Cut Offs.”

Switch from “Street” to “Off-Road” modes.

• Run instant Diagnostics, with instant support.

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