Partaking in the CenTech propulsion program - FTEX

August 24, 2020

Propulsés by Centech

Myra-Grace Salinas

Partaking in the CenTech propulsion program was a positive and constructive experience. We had the opportunity to meet a variety of experts who were prepared to point us in the right direction. As both a hardware and software company, the Centech approach and culture was definitely the right start for us.

There are a number of benefits that come with being part of the CenTech incubator network. Cohabitation with 39 other companies in the Propulsion building created an ambience of mutual motivation and challenge that fuels all passionate entrepreneurs. From selecting the most appropriate methods for managing our technology’s development to sharing our experiences around funding methods and setting up our early labs with the help of ETS interns and Centech staff, we have all learned and grown.

Centech staff and entrepreneurs in residence have also been instrumental in providing advice and follow up meetings as well as staying involved to help when opportunities might arise to either promote the ventures solutions or direct us towards any other resources of interest.

Thank you to all entrepreneurs in residence who have marked our path and all Centech staff!