Press Release: GaNRunner: Road - Limited Edition - FTEX

June 16, 2021

Press Release: GaNRunner: Road – Limited Edition

Bélal Provencher

Press Release: GaNRunner World’s First Gallium Nitride Programmable Motor Controller for eMobility Applications. As featured in Charged EV

FTEX, a pioneer in precision motor control systems for small electric vehicles, is proud to introduce the GaNRunner in its  750 (GNRR-750) and 1500 (GNRR-1500) single and dual motor variants. This is the company’s first programmable motor controller featuring ultra-efficient Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, designed to power next-generation light EVs for the world’s leading EV manufacturers.

Advanced Technology

The GaNRunner’s ultra-efficient electronics, lightweight construction, and weatherproof shell make it the perfect solution for electric bikes, scooters, mopeds, golf carts, and more. Driven By Gallium Nitride transistors, it offers higher efficiency, reliability, and energy density, delivering more range in a smaller solution than legacy MOSFET inverters. A compact form factor allows seamless interior and exterior mounting. This same quality allows the unit to work in most retrofit scenarios, giving existing light EV fleets a new lease on life.

Built to control brushless DC motors (BLDC), the GaNRunner works with standard electric motor architectures and is an easy swap with standard HIGO connectors, making it the most flexible design choice for any manufacturer looking for a high-performance long-term solution. 

The GNRR-750 weighs in at just 150 grams while delivering up to 750 watts of motor power at voltages between 24V and 96V. Its big brother, the GNRR-1500, delivers twice as much power while staying trim at 250 grams. 

The GNRR-750 can operate at temperatures between -20oC and +60oC, and features multilayer fail-safe modes to prevent overheating and thermal shutdowns under high power demand.

A Great Rider Experience

The GaNRunner’s robust software-defined parameters will optimize battery performance, maximize range, increase battery life, and provide smooth acceleration. To focus on enhancing the experience provided by the vehicle, it comes with an OEM-friendly parameter tuning and diagnostic tool. 

The Smart Power Boost gives an extra burst of energy to help climb hills, further enhancing the rider’s experience, and its advanced regenerative braking system recoups energy by recharging the battery whenever the vehicle slows down. Built-in Bluetooth wireless communication allows riders to track their performance through an upcoming mobile app, and allows for over the air system updates.  

The GanRunner: More Power. More Range. More Electric Vehicles.

About FTEX Inc.

FTEX is a pioneer in precision motor control systems for small electric vehicles. By combining ultra-high-efficiency GaN-based drivetrains with innovative software-defined solid-state transmission systems, our technology improves vehicle performance, extends range, and enhances rider experience. Our vision is to serve a range of 3KW, 5KW, 10KW and 20KW systems. 

FTEX is dedicated to making e-mobility sustainable through intelligent power management.