Growing, Developing, and Graduating with a Nomination – FTEX

April 13, 2021

Growing, Developing, and Graduating with a Nomination

Bélal Provencher

The CDL program helped us evolve as a results-driven organization capable of generating value at every milestone! In the past 8 months, we adopted an objective focused approach and worked to meet our own ambitious deadlines. 

The journey to our graduation

To graduate, we had to pass all four of our progress sessions in a “pass or fail” environment. It wasn’t an easy process! Each team had to meet their milestones defined in the previous session and deliver more value in the next one. The mentors would provide insightful and generous advice, and then, they would vote on whether or not, our team would advance to the next session. Every session propelled our team to the next phase of proving our market, preparing to delight clients, and tracking our successes to reduce sales cycles.

Honorable Mention

The road to graduation was a great challenge for us, but it was also highly gratifying for our team, particularly after earning the Celebrating Women in Technology 2021 Award from BMO dedicated to Silvana Huaman, FTEX’s  CRO. This is a testament to one of our main values: we bloom and create in diversity! Congratulations to the team for this recognition.

Growing in a new approach 

When working on parallel projects with clients, pushing our limits session after session has been challenging, but so rewarding!  Adopting an approach focused on realistic short-term objectives to accomplish with our customers and partners as well as suppliers to deliver value quickly and contrasting it with the critical feedback from our mentors has been a huge success for our team. Not only has this approach accelerated our processes to deliver more value early in our product journey, but it will also help our product development team assess valuable customer feedback.

We’re thrilled to have graduated from this program while getting to know highly experienced mentors whose insights we turned into key actions for our venture’s scaling. Thank you very much to the CDL organization and mentors for taking such a groundbreaking approach in building a network where tech companies can grow and benefit from this incredible pool of talent and expertise.