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March 20, 2023

FTEX Appoints Alfredo Perez Pellicer as a member of the board

Silvana Huaman

Former co-founder of Ebikemotion and Desiknio to join the board of Montreal e-bike smart systems startup

FTEX, a pioneer in GaN-based precision motor control and connected systems for small electric vehicles, is proud to announce the appointment of Alfredo Perez Pellicer as a member of the board of directors. Effective immediately, Perez Pellicer will take a leading role on the board bringing his extensive experience in the e-bike industry, and contributing his passion for the company’s technology and vision.

Perez Pellicer is one of the co-founders of Ebikemotion, which became MAHLE SmartBike Systems following the acquisition by MAHLE, a leading company in the automotive industry. He brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in bringing e-bike systems to market. He played a crucial role in growing MAHLE SmartBike Systems into a successful business, and his experience and insights will be invaluable to FTEX as it continues to grow and innovate. “To assist the amazing FTEX team in consolidating their growth plans, I will contribute my experience in the e-bike, industrial, and automotive markets in business development, product development, and management,” he said. “I look forward to what the future holds for FTEX as we expand its international impact.”

In addition to his work with MAHLE SmartBike Systems, Perez Pellicer is also one of the co-founders of Desiknio, a high-end e-bike manufacturer that was acquired by Stromer, another major player in the e-bike industry. This acquisition further solidifies his reputation as a leader in the industry and a master in creating successful and innovative e-bike companies.

What sets Alfredo apart is his passion and understanding of FTEX’s technology and vision. His deep understanding of GaN-based inverter technology and IoT-driven smart systems and his alignment with the team’s mission and values make him the perfect fit for this role. “We believe that his passion and understanding will help us to continue to drive growth and success for our company,” said Ramee Mossa, CEO of FTEX. “With his strong leadership and a wide network of contacts in Europe, Alfredo will also be a major asset to our company’s European expansion. His deep understanding of the European e-bike market and his relationships with key players in the industry will help us to navigate this important market and capitalize on new opportunities.”

FTEX Team, from left to right: François Léger-Bélanger, Co-Founder and CPTO; Andres Bayona, Co-Founder and COO; Gervais Rioux, Head of Business Development; Ramee Mossa, Co-Founder and CEO, Alfredo Perez Pellicer, Advisor and Board Member, Silvana Huaman, Co-Founder and CRO; Théodore d’Herbécourt, Engineer.

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