Made in Canada – FTEX

Made in Canada

Proximity Supply Chain

As a Canadian company, our product begins its design and planning process at our Montreal headquarters. We then collaborate with local manufacturers in an agile way for a safer, faster and more efficient production process within Canada.

Supporting our local economies has provided us with more resources and versatility to ensure better quality for our products and greater value for our supply chain and carbon footprint.

At FTEX, we believe in a greener society and in sustainable products that are delivered by a proximity supply chain in order to reduce our carbon footprint at every step of the way.

Hard Working

Having our engineers, developers, marketing and business development teams in Montreal means that we have high-skilled teammates and jobs in our communities. We believe in the development of our team by fostering continuous learning in this leading city for tech and AI innovation.

In addition, we have expanded our local support by creating employment in different fields for a diverse team and equitable corporate vision. We believe in a better society and promote our values as a responsible technology company: Diversity. Equality. Security. Progress. Innovation.

Based in Canada, we have partners, customers and highly qualified teams who share the same vision of safely revolutionizing electric personal mobility. We invite you to join us by sharing this page and integrating our product!